Top illustrators you need to follow on Instagram

love Instagram. It’s a great way to procrastinate from important work, pass time on the bus and snoop on other peoples lives. You could literally get lost in a rabbit hole of endless scrolling. My rabbit hole tends to consist of latest fashion trends, fitness exercises and drool worthy foodie shots based on the fact that I mainly follow fashion, fitness and foodie bloggers (the three most important F’s on Insta).

But sometimes it’s nice to break from the cycle and perv on something just a little more cultural, and what could be more cultural than art, dahling? Recently, I’ve become interested in illustration, particularly work by female artists who I’ve found via Instagram. With artists like Bijou Karman and Laura Callaghan there’s something in the way characters are portrayed, with their confident stares, on trend hair styles and fashion forward outfits that draws you in. There’s a certain poise to the females represented in these illustrations which I really admire. With other artists such as Liz Tafaro, there’s a subtle humour and wit behind the simple yet eye catching illustrations. Observing life and fashion’s little struggles, it’s a reminder to not take life too seriously.

With the whole feminist movement really coming into it’s own, I feel like we are going to be seeing more art, illustrations and images that speak to women with messages of humour, empowerment or celebration of strengths. For me, these artists represent that in their own ways.

I’ve picked out a few of my current favs but I’m always on the lookout for more so if you know of any – drop me a note – I’d love to discover new artists!

Bodil Jane (@bodiljane)

Bijou Karman (@bijoukarman)

Mango Thapp (@manjitthapp)

Maria-Ines Gul (@mariainesgul)

Laura Callaghan (@lauracallaghanillustration)

Liz Tafaro (@thingslizwants)





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